Causes of the bad breath?

Bad breath is a general health problem, which affects greately daytoday the activities somany of the people. The offenssive smell of the mouth is unpleasent to those, which come into close contact with bad breathers. The problem is doubled by the psychological trauma, which leads to lowest point. The suffering of this problem wil are located by the society. This can even lead to marriage discord.

Speaking all humans of badbreathres are literal. Oral cavity contains millions of the anaerobic bacterium such as Fusobacterium and radiation mushrooms, those acts on the protein of the food materials and it putrifies. This process results in the arrangement the offenssive gases such as Wasserstofsulfid, methyl mescaptan, cadaverin, skatol, which ect Putrescin, which causes bad smell. If mouth hygiene will not maintain correctly, all suffer from bad breath. Most us controlling of this by regular brushing, tongue cleaning and the Gargling. Even after, maintining, some individuals under that suffer cleanliness in the mouth offenssive smell because of the different causes, which is determined correctly and be treated must.

Somewhat common things of the bad breath.

1) Poor mouth hygiene:

If mouth hygiene will not maintain correctly, the mouth becomes the seat for millions bacterium, which offenssive gases produce, by decreasing the food arrears. Bad breath is strict in those, which deseam not their teeth regularly and clean their mouth after each food. The lunches, which are taken between meals, can also produce bad breath because of the inappropriate cleaning.
Badbreath is in the morning general on waking up in nearly all people. During the Schlafes there is less production of the saliva. Saliva has some antibacterial characteristics, which help, to keep the mouth clean. Saliva conains Sauerstoffmolekle, which is necessary to form oral cavity aerob. Like that the reduction is in their quantity during the Schlafes forms a favourable condition for anaerobic bacterium.

2) Food habits:

The main cause of the bad smell is because of the reduction of the protein by the bacterium and therefore all food, which is rich in the bad breath of the protein preferences. Meat, fish, milk products, eggs, cake, Nsse, pear and ect can bad breath cause. Some food articles can produce certain kind of the smell, which can be unpleasent. Raw bulb can produce typical bad smell. That an apple holds one day the doctor away, a raw bulb daily maintenance of away each is said. The meal of the peanuts can also produce bad smell. However, if correct cleaning took place, smell can be reduced regardless of the condition of the food. Irregularity in the TIMING of the food can also produce bad breath. The small food articles, which are taken between the meals, can also produce bad smell.

3) Bio film:

There is arrangement of a thin sticky layer, the bio film on the tongue and the Mundmucosa is called. This layer is strong on the rear aspect of the tongue, in which millions the gramnegativen bacteriae are seen. The strong layer on the tongue is always connected with badbreath. Even a thin can form bio film for anaerobic condition for bacterial strong spreading favourably.

4) Tooth-medical Karies:

This is a destructive process, which causes decalcifying with distruction from enamel and from Dentine with the result cavitisation the tooth. These are produced mainly by the Milchsurebazillen. Food particle laid down within these vacate and are producing by the anaerobic bacterium putrified, bad smell. The food arrears easily and therefore being it does not remove normal brushes completely putrified. Karies are general in schoolgoing children and in those, which correct mouth hygiene donot maintained. Calcium and Vitaminmangel can also prepare Karies.

5) Gingivitis:

Rubber is a Schleimmembrane with the support of the connective tissue, which covers the edges of tooth camp of the jaw. The main function of the rubber is protection. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the rubber. Hurt because of the different cause rubber fabric received stuck on with the result of swelling, and unload. If the condition the infection spreading toward to the peridontalen range become worse, which leads to the continuous unloading, which is called pyorrhoea. Some sets time infection goes producing alveolar abscess with unloading of pus deeply firmly. Infection can reach the bone even, the Osteomyelitis caused. All these conditions can produce offenssive smell.

6) Rubber retreat:

If the rubbers withdraw from the teeth, a distance is developed, which accommodates food particles and bad breath caused.

7) Tooth surfaces and tartar deposits; Plaques and tartar one lays down mainly in the distances between the teeth and the rubber. This puts protection for the food arrears and – to bacterium at the disposal, which cause bad breath.
8) Ulcers causing lesions& layers:

Nearly all ulcers causing injuries of the mouth are connected with bad breath. These injuries can be caused by bacterium, viruses, food allergies or because of the auto+immune disturbances. Apthous ulcer is under ulcers causing injuries the most general. Others are Herpes, mushroom-like infection, vincents angina, sticking on Mononukleosis, crowd laughter fever, Diphtherie, drug reactions and ect. Cancer-well-behaved ulcers produce strict bad breath. All mushroom-like infection produces white layer (Candidiasis). Leucoplakia is a white strong marks on the Schleimmembrane of the mouth and the tongue. It is held a prekanzersen condition. Offenssive breath is connected with these conditions.

9) Diseases of the saliva glands:

Saliva is very useful to supply oxygen to all parts of the oral cavity. Even can put a thin film layer to designated bio film an anaerobic condition in the mouth at the disposal. Saliva can wet-make these layers and form for aerobes a condition, which is unfavorable for the bacterium. Each possible condition, which reduces the production of the saliva, can increase bacterial activity. Some sets time saliva of riser blocked by stones or tumors firmly. Cancer of the saliva gland is connected with offenssive smell. In the suppurative Parotitis caused dischrge inside breath bad to the mouth purulant.

10) Tonsillitis:

Almonds are set up pairs of the lymphoiden fabric in the lateral wall of the mouth throat. Inflammation of the almond is called Tonsillitis. Bad breath is seen in acute and chronic Tonsillitis. Quinsy or peritonsillar abscess can also produce bad breath.

11) Tonsillar plaques and tonsillar liquid:

If bad breath after, continues to exist correct mouth hygiene there maintained, is possibility of this condition. The Serous liquid, which is from the folds of the almond secreated, is very offenssive. Some patients weight that they offer somewhat ksige materials for sale of the throat; which are in nature very offenssive. These are formed within tonsillar the crypts, which contain thousands bacteriae. In such conditions Tonsillektomie gives noticiable discharge of the bad breath.

12) Pharyngitis& pharyngial abscess:

Pharynx is fibromuscular a hose, which forms the top of the digest-promoting and respiratory system. Inflmmation of the Pharynx is called the Pharyngitis, caused mainly by bacterium and viruses. Bad breath is present in the Pharyngitis as well as other indications such as coughs and throat inflammation. Abscesses in the wall of Pharynx can produce offenssive unloading of pus to the throat also inside.

13) Dentures:

Dentures users can in-between about the bad smell to weight because of the submission of the small food arrears. Correct brushing cannot be particularly possible possibly in repaired dentures of the dentures users.

14) Tobacco:

Tobacco washrooms is with bad breath connected. The smell of the tobacco is unpleasent for others. Tobacco can provoke the Schleimmembrane and cause ulcers and layers. Gingivitis and pyorrhoea are general into the tobacco chewers. Tartar is laid down on the teeth mainly near the rubbers. Tobacco chewers receive gastrische acid with Eructations. Offenssive smell of these whole causes.

15) Smoke:

Smokers have always bad smell. It can also produce injuries in the mouth and in the lungs, which cause bad breath. Smoking increases carbon dioxide in the oral cavity and reduces the oxygen level and causes a favourable condition for bacterium. More smoking reduses appetite and sour digesting illness of the thirst therefore are general in the chain smokers.

16) Injuries in the nose and in the ear:

Bad breath is seen occasional in Sinusitis (infection that Para to nasalen curves). In case of the nasalen roast fat of the post bad breath is the Common because of the presence of the protein in unloadings. These proteins are decreased by the bacterium. Infection in the middle ear with unloading of pus inside to the throat by the Eustachi tube (passage from the middle ear to the throat) can also cause offenssive smell. Chronic Rhinitis (infection of the Schleimmembrane of the nose) and forign bodies in the nose can also produce bad smell in air run off.

17) Diabetes mellitus:

All sugar-ill patients under bad breath mostly suffer. Covered tongue, ulcers &coatings in the mouth, increased sugar level in the fabric ect being responsible for bad breath. Bacterial growth with sugar-ill patient is not very faster than sugar-ill individuals.

18) Fever:

Bad breath is general into nearly all having a temperature. Even an acute fever can produce bad breath. Strict bad breath is seen into typhoid fever-like. Other infections like tuberculosis, bad smell of AIDS ect product.

19) And Dehydratisierung chamfered:

Dry mouth prefers bacterial activity. So each possible condition, which drynesses in the mouth produce, forms the breath offenssive. Although admits the food particles, in order to produce bad breath, can chamfered the same to also produce. Production of the saliva is reduced also during the Fastens. Also to chew and swallow helps to hold the mouth to clean.

20) Bed-casual patients:

Bed-casual patients suffer offenssive breath from that because of the strong layer on the tongue. Water inlet is limited also with this patients. Regurgitation of the food aggravates the condition. Since they speak, less ventilation in the oral cavity reduced, which prefers anaerobic bacterium, in order actively will become.

21) Diseases of the stomach and the sophagus:

Eructation of the gas and food produce unpleasent smell. Deviation in the function of the untereren closing muscle can leave the food regurgitate bad breath upward to cause. Bad breath is also Common in gastritis, in the ulcer and in the cancer of the stomach.

22) Intestinale diseases:

Bad breath is general with the patients, the injuries of the intestine causing under ulcers such as ulcers causing collitis. suffer. Other diseases are ect intestinale tuberculosis of the Absorptionsyndroms, Peritonitis.

23) Diseases of the lungs:

Lung illnesses like pneumonia, lung abscess, chronic bronchitis, Bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, cancer of the lungs ect can bad smell during the decline produce.

24) Liver disturbances:

Liver diseases may cause zirrhose, can bad breath for hepatitis. Scratch blister diseases with also vomit caused unpleasent smell.

25) Psychiatric patients:

Bad breath is ect general with the psychotischen patients because of the poor hygiene, the irregular food habits, less water inlet and.

26) Somatisationstrung:

This is a psychiatric disturbance, which is by the presence of a physical symptom charecterised, which suggest a medical illness. These patients come with physical objections like the pain, difficult respiration of nausea, bad smell ect. This condition is determined according to detailed examination of the patient with all investigations. Since this is a psychiatric disturbance, it must be handled with a psychological approaches.


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