It is mild a not progressive neuromuscular disturbance causing to the strict inability during the life. This condition is announced during a group of far existing qualitative movement disturbances, which appear to the young in children, who are suitable, to the brain during the delivery to damage or because of some pathological conditions in the intrauterinen life. Neuroligical the problems are several times however not progressist in nature. This problem has approximately 2 per living person birth 100. This illness does not have a hereditary tendency.

Causes of the cerebral paralysis:

1) Injury of the brain during the delivery.

2) As complication of the pliers delivery.

3) Lack of oxygen supply to the baby during the delivery.

4) Infection during the delivery.

Indication and symptoms of the cerebral paralysis: –

The indications and the symptoms cannot be similar possibly in all affected babies. Dependant on the damage of the brain it can give to the strict injuries mildly.

Mild cases: – the 20% children have mild inability.

Moderate cases: – the 50% cases have moderate inability. The children concerned demand autonomy for the support of their prevented Ambulationkapazitt.

Severity of cases: – Approximate 30% of the children concerned are totally incapacited and bed casual and them need allways care of others.

Abnormal discoveries in the cerebral paralysis: –

1, abnormal newborn reflexes.

2, stiffness all muscles with clumsy movement.
3, Extention of the extremities on vertical abolition of the child.

4, Scissoring of the untereren members because of the cramp of the Adduktoren muscles of the thigh.

5, in the strict cases the back loop backwards may curve and itself.

6.. and. May have entire or partial paralysis.

7, stopping the neurological and behavior development.

8, swallowing can be difficult in some cases.

9, Geifern of the saliva.

10, mildly to the strict spirit retardation.

11, abnormal movements are seen in some cases.

12, Tremor with typical movements.

13, if Kleinhirn is affected there, is loss of the muscle clay/tone with difficulty when going.

14, complete or partial loss of the audition.

15, speech can be concerned.

16, squinting eyes and other view problems can be connected.

17, cramps can be seen into some children.

Cerebral paralysis is determined by detailed clinical examination and by eliminating other similar diseases as brain tumor, progressive Atrophie ect. All investigations such as CT-Scan, MRI and routine investigations are necessities ruleout other diseases.

Management carebral of the paralysis: –

Central management:

This includes correct food and personal care. Symptomatic medicine is necessary to reduce cramps and muscle stiffness. Diazepam can reduce Spasticity and Athetose.
Dantrolene sodium assistance for easing to itself skeleton-like muscles.


Here Massage, exercise, hydrotherapy are ect necessary and. Special training is given, in order to train a going, a swallowing and the maintenance. The children concerned are also trained, in order to regard articles as routine activities.


Moral and social support should be given to these children. They should be to send to the special schools, in which special training of trained personnel can be given. Religiously – retarded children need special training. As a function of above disabitity the special instruments and the machines are given to support activities for movement and their daytoday.

Occupation therapy:

This is given by the vocational therapists. They train the handicapped ones, in order to settle somewhat usable work, so that these people can have their own income.


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