Chidren and exercise

If you have a child of 6 to 8 years old to exercise weights and to raise to begin would like to find, can you you to surprise you what you should do. During some think, is perfectly fine it, so that children are, there others train, which think differently than.

The long and the short of it are that, it are
favourably, so that your child in the exercise or in a weight training government, although there are some things, for which you should hold in the understanding this once, begins to happen participates.

No matter how you regard it, children are not mini adults and therefore you cannot use the same methods with increasing children, who can use you with adults, there children to adults emotional, anatomical and physiologically different are.

All children have unreife skeletons, since their bones do not mature, to it 14 – 22 years of life receive. With girls exercise can have very critical effects on bone health, which can last for its entire lives during the childhood.

Children are time determine frequently injurable to growth referred overstressing injuries such as Osgood of schlatter illness. Children have the unreifen temperature control systems, which are suitable their credit of of a large surface, which is compared with their muscle measures, them compelled to be more empfindlilcher against injury if they are not warmed up correctly.

Children sweat not as much as adults do, therefore they are more empfindlilcher against heat removal as well as a heat impact. Because of their low muscle measures and unreifen hormone system, form he it harder, so that they develop strength and speed.
Their respiration and heart answer during
Exercise are different also to adults, who affect their capacity for exercise.

On the one hand young boys and girls can
their strength with weight training drastically improve, although opposite adults, neurological factors in place of the muscle growth factors, are mostly responsible.

If you regard programs for children, primarily you should achieve a medical distance.
The first approach to sketching a program is, a repetition distance 8 – 12 to manufacture and the working load suitable to regard as the distance.

They should guarantee that trainings are spread out enough to have in order at least 1 – 2 whole days remainder between trainings. The main focus, if the preparation on the form should be each exercise, is accomplished and not on the quantity of the weight, which is raised.

Before weight training preliminary heating and expanding should be done. Their children with bright loads begin and adjustments then accordingly make. NO more as 3 following exercise learning sections should be taken place in one week. They should also respect it the fact that them much of the water forwards while and after exercise drinks. Sufficient water is too received to time with exercise, there it determines frequently very simple to receive drained actual particularly with children very importantly.

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