Dr. Richardson, in its lectures on the white spirits, both in England and in America given, speaking of the activity of this substance on the blood, after it exceeded from the stomach, says:

Accepting, then is taken a certain measure of white spirits into the stomach, up-sucked there it, but, preceding to the absorption, it must go through a correct degree at dilution with water, because there is this peculiarity, which respects white spirits, if it is separated by an animal diaphragm from an aqueous liquid like the blood, which does not lead it by the diaphragm, until she became loaded, to a given point of the dilution, with water. It is even actually thus greedy for water, fetches it from the aqueous procurementnesses and robs it to, by its saturation, its power of the admission is exhausted, after it diffuses into the river of the distributing liquid.

It is this energy of the absorbent water of each condition, with which alcoholic spirit comes into contact, causes itself the burning thirst of those, freely its use hang-evenly. Its effect, if it reaches the circulation, therefore is described by Dr. Richardson:

During it by the circulation of the lungs exceeds, it air is suspended, and any little by it, raised in steam by the natural heat, away in decline is thrown. If the quantity of their is large, this loss can be considerable, and the smell of the spirit can be determined in the breath run off. If the quantity is small, the loss is relatively little, since the spirit in solved form is held by the water in the blood. After it is by the lungs and driven by the left heart over the arterial electric circuit exceeded, it exceeds in, which is called the minuzise circulation or which structural circulation of the organism. The Arterien extends here into very small containers, which are called arterioles, and spring of these of the infinitely small container those radicals minuzisen evenly or the roots of the veins, which finally, which are to be become large rivers, which carry the blood back to the heart. In its passage by this minuzise circulation the white spirits find its way to each organ. On this brain on these muscles, on this isolation or elimination organs, Nay, even into this kncherne structure, moves it with the blood. In some these parts, which are not ruled out, it remains during a absent-minded time, and in those parts, in which there is a large percentage of the water, it remains longer than in other parts. From some organs, which an opened hose for liquids, when the liver and the kidneys convey away have, he out thrown or eliminated, and in this kind some of it is finally removed from the body. Remainder exceeding with the circulation, is divided approximately and approximately and carried probably away in the new forms of the affair.

If we the course know, which the white spirits let its passage in by the body, from the period of its absorption to that its removal, are we better, to be judged, who physical changes it causes in the different organs and in the structures, with which it into contact comes. It reaches first the blood; but as rule the quantity of it, which comes in, is insufficient, to produce each material effect on this liquid. If however the dose, which, is poisonous or halfpoisonous, then even the blood, realms, is taken since it is in the water and it is concerned seven hundred contained and ninety parts in thousands. The white spirits are scattered by this water, and there it comes with the other components, with that fibrine into contact, which plastic substance, which, if blood is drawn, coagulates and coagulates and in the portion of two to three parts in thousands is present; with the Albumen, which exists to seventy parts in the portion; with the salts, which furnish approximately 10 parts; with the fetthaltigen affairs; and last, with those round minute, bodies, which in Myriaden in the blood swim (of the Dutch philosopher, Leuwenhock, as one of the first results of the microscopic observation, over which in the middle of the seventeenth century were discovered) and those the blood balls or – particles to be called. These latter bodies are actually cells; their disks, if natural, have a smooth outline, are depressed it in the center, and they are red in the color; the color of the blood, which is derived from them. We discovered that other particles exist, or cells in the blood in the much smaller quantity, which white cells are called, and these different cells swim into the bloodstream within the containers. The red ones take the center of the river; the white lie outside near the sides of the containers, smaller fast shifting. Our business is main with the red particles. They notice the most important tasks in the economy; they absorb, generally speaking and carry him for part, the oxygen, which we inhalieren with the respiration, to the extreme fabrics of the body; they absorb, generally speaking to part, the carbonic acid gas, which is produced in the burn of the body in the extreme fabrics, and get that gas back to against oxygen to be exchanged there the lungs; they are briefly said the vital instruments of the circulation.

With all these parts of the blood, with water, that fibrine, the Albumen, the salts, the fetthaltigen affair and the particles, the white spirits come into contact, if it registers the blood, and, if it is in the sufficient quantity, it produces disturbing activity. I watched out this disturbance very carefully for the blood particles; for, in some animals we can see these to swim along during the life and we can also observe them from the men, who are under effects from white spirits, by removing a mark of the blood, and with the microscope examine it. The activity of the white spirits, if it is perceptible, is differentiated. It can arrange the particles, in order too near to run together to cling and in the roles; it can their outlines changes and the free-defined, smooth, outside irregular or crenate, or even starlike edge to form; it can change the round particle into the oval form, or, into that very much extreme cases, it can produce, which I can call a circumcised form of the particles, in which the change that is so large, if we did not reconstruct it by all its stages we should is confused, in order to know whether the article, which was regarded indeed a blood cell were. All these changes are because of the activity of the spirit after the water, which will contain in the particles; after the capacity of the spirit to extract water from them to. While each stage of the change therefore descriptive particles, their function to absorb around and prevented embarrassment gases, and if the accumulation of the cells, in the masses, is large, other difficulties, for the cells, develop together combined, lead smaller easily, than they should obstruct the river by the minuzisen containers of the lungs and the general circulation and, by which local injury are produced.

A further activity after the blood, by way of introduction by the excessive white spirits, is fibrine after that or the colloidal plastic affair. On this the spirit in two different kinds, according to which degrees function, can into it the water affected, which holds the fibrine in solved form. It can repair the water with that fibrine and destroyed therefore the energy of the coagulation; or it can extract the water in such a way regarding the product coagulation with accuracy.

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