The parts, which suffer first from white spirits, are those expansions of the body, which the Anatomen the diaphragms calls. The skin is a diaphragm envelope. By the whole of the feeding surface, from the lips downward and by the bronchialen passages to its minuzisesten bypasses, the mucous membrane extends. The lungs, which heart, which liver, which becomes kidneys in the sensitive diaphragms folded, which can be easily stripped by these parts. If you take a part of the bone, find it simple to strip from it a diaphragm covering or a coverage; if you examine a connection, find the head and the verge drawn with the diaphragms. The whole of the intestines in a fine diaphragm are hit, which is called Peritoneum. All muscles in the diaphragms and into the Fasciculi, or bundles and fibers are hit muscles, to have their diaphragm casing. The brain and back Marks is hit into three diaphragms; close too, a pure container structure, a net of the blood containers; other one, a thin serous structure; a third, a strong fiber-like structure. The eyeball is a structure of the colloidal tendencies and the diaphragms and nothing else. In order to lock the description, the minuzisen structures of the vital organs written in the affair of diaphragm.

These diaphragms are the filters of the body. In their absence there could not be a building of the structure, no solidification of the fabric still the organic mechanism. Passive, separate them nevertheless all structures into their respective positions and into adjustments.

Diaphragm degradations.

For perfectly freely to your understanding the activity and worsened and their work, we blocks the use of these diaphragm expansions to form and to the way into the white spirits it estimates again from Dr. Richardson:

The animal receives the food from the vegetable world and from the measures and drinks it required for its food and movement. It receives colloidal food for its muscles: inflammable food for its movement; Water for the solution of its different parts; Salt for the constructional and other physical purposes. These have all in the body to be arranged; and they are arranged by means of the diaphragm envelopes. By these diaphragms nothing cannot exceed, that, during the time, in a condition of the aqueous solution, how water or soluble salts is. Water runs freely by it, salts exceed freely by it, but the constructional affair of the Activeteile, which is colloidal, does not exceed; it is kept in them, until it is chemically into the soluble kind of the affair divided. If we take animal meat for our food a part, it is solved first, in digesting, into a soluble liquid, before it can be up-sucked; in the blood it is into the liquid colloidal condition decided; in the bodies it is laid down within the diaphragms into new structure, and if it played its role, will it will be through replaced again digested, if I can say in such a way, into a crystal-like soluble substance, ready, by introduction of the new affair, then it to be away-created and, those to diaphragms into the blood and gotten rid of in the eliminations is dialysiert or exceeded.

Seeing then one which most important role these diaphragm structures in the animal life to play. After its completeness the whole quiet work of developing the body depends. If these diaphragms will leave too porously made and out the colloidal liquids of the blood the Albumen, e.g. the body thus circumstanced, cubes; dies, as if it was bled slowly to death. If on the contrary they become or thicken condensed loaded, or can with foreign material, then them the natural liquids by them exceed let not. They do not know dialysieren and the result are, either an accumulation of the liquid in a closed area or contraction of the substance, which is included within the diaphragm, or a dryness of the diaphragm in the surfaces, which are freely lubricated and to be held apart to be supposed. At the high age we see the effects of the change of the diaphragm naturally caused; we see the locally specified connection, the shrunk and weak muscle, the darkened eye, the deaf ear, the weak nervous function.

Perhaps you it can seem, at the first sight that I am prominent immediately away from the topic of the secondary activity of white spirits. It is not like that. I am direct leading to it. After all these diaphragm structures exercises white spirits a direct Perversion of the activity. It produces a Verdickung, a contraction and an inactivity, which reduce their function energy in them. That they can work fast and evenly, they, require, with water for saturation to be constantly loaded. If, in contact with them, any means is gotten, it water robs, then is its work obstructed; they hear up to separate the salty components correctly; and, if the evil, which is begun therefore, will let it continue, locks after their contained affair in, which can be set up organ it, contract and condense it.

Shortly, under the extended influence of white spirits refer those changes, which take place from it in the blood particles, extend to the other organic parts and them into structural degradations, which are always dangerous, also in and are frequently finally deadly.


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