Bad breath is a general health problem in the society. Offenssive smell of the mouth can be because of the different reasons. The principal reason is the presence of the anaerobic bacterium in the bio film, which is formed on the tongue. This bacterium decreases the proteins, which are ect present in the food with the result of the production of something offenssive gases such as Wasserstofsulfid, skatol.

Bad smell of the mouth in the early morning is seen into nearly all individuals. This can be steered, by maintaining mouth hygiene. Even after cleaning the mouth, some individuals under the bad breath can suffer because of any problems in the mouth or into the close convenient ranges. Any general disease condition can also produce bad breath. An exact cause must be marked and should be accordingly treated. Some general measures, bad breath to couriers will reduce or here discussed.

1) Mouth hygiene:

Mouth should be held cleanly each mark, in order to reduce the bacterial activity. After food the Gargling with lukewarm water is very substantial. Even after small food like articles lunches, drop, which buscuits, which cleans with water, is necessarily. Brushing should be taken place twice daily. It is said that brushing the early morning for beauty is and is praying time brushes for good health.

2) Brushing techniques:

Normal brushing technology should be followed for better result. Many people brush damage of the rubbers strongly cause. Brushing after each food and beverage can damage the enamel. Bristles of the toothbrush should be smooth however strongly enough the food particles from the distances to remove. The direction of brushing is the most important thing. The upper teeth should be deseamed in downwards and in lower in that upward direction. This is applicable to the inside and exteriors. First the crown of the teeth comes; here will brush in the preceding and rear direction done, which holds the brush in the same direction. This applicably to upper and by the teeth lower adjusted.

3) Tongue cleaning:

White or yellowish layer on the tongue can cause bad breath. This is marks wohleres in the morning and should with healp a tongue cleaning agent twice daily be removed. Tongue cleaning agent must be easily used, without damaging the Tastebuds on the tongue.

4) Tooth selection:

Tooth selection is a small strip of the wood or plastics with a pointed end. This is used, in order to remove the food particles, which are accommodated between the distances. Very useful, after meat and fish were eaten. Should be easily used, in order to avoid damage of the rubbers.

5) Gargling:

After each meal the Gargling with lukewarm water is useful. For better result little Tafelsalz in the lukewarm water is dissolved. Different kinds of the mouth water is present in the market in the different trade names. Gargling with mouth water can also reduce bad breath.

6) Food habits:

Proteinhaltige food article admits, in order to produce bad breath. Example; Meat, milk, fish, egg etc. if these food articles to be taken, is substantial correct cleaning. Some food articles admits, in order to produce certain smell, which can be unpleasent for others. Raw bulb is the best example. It is said that an apple holds one day the doctor away and a raw bulb a daily maintenance for each away body. Also the small food articles, which in-between are taken, can cause bad smell (Nsse, roasted individual parts etc.). Preservation uniformity in food timing actual the most important thing.

7) Water inlet:

Dryness in the mouth can form a favourable condition for the bacterial activity with the result bad odor.saliva is necessary to keep the mouth damp and to reduce the bacterial strong spreading. Production of the saliva is closely related to water balance of the body and therefore should be taken sufficient quantity water, in order to maintain the production of the saliva.
8) Mouth freshners:

Natural and artificial mouth freshners can reduce the intensity of the bad breath to a certain extent. Spicy articles are for this purpose generally used. Spices chewing, carnation, Kreuzkmmelsamen, cardomom, Zimt, ginger ect like are useful. All Zitrusfrchte can reduce bad smell. Mundfreshners and – chewing rubbers are into the market.these products are also useful present, but can some damage cause should with caution therefore be used.

If the things specified above not then which works on to do?

The following regard: –

1) The cause remove:

Bad breath is ect general in some general and body diseases such as diabetes, having a temperature, gastrischen disturbances, liver diseases and. By removing or reducing the primary cause, the bad breath goes automatically.

2) Modern medicine:

If bad breath is because of any usable antibiotics of the infection, mushroom-like or anti-virus anti-medicine helps. If it is because of somehow auto+immune, or chronic inflamatory Bedingungsteroide to be also used can. The saliva, which produces tablets, can be also used.

3) Tooth-medical cleaning:

The tooth-medical cleaning, which took place from a dentist, can remove the tooth surfaces and the tartar. This can reduce the difficulty of the bad breath. Their dentist atleast in one year once visit.

4) Filling of Karies:

Since Karies are one the main cause for bad breath, them should be filled by a dentist. Earlier silver amalgam is used, nowadays it replaced by synthetic materials. If the mass area by the Karieswurzelkanalbehandlung can be done is affected.

5) Tooth extraction:

If Karies with destruction of the teeth with extraction of the bad smell is the better choice is deep and a tooth implant in the distance be held can.

6) Tonsillektomie:

Patients with declining Tonsillitis can have the bad breath because of offenssive unloadings and the release of paste-like materials of the crypts of the almonds. Such patients receive large discharge after Tonsillektomie (dismantling of the almonds).

7) Psychological consultation:

Those, those under bad breath can suffer very much deprimiert its and them are away from the public. This localization restrains their daytoday activities. Such people should the fact that all humans have bad breath, but with slight differences concerning the intensity to understand. All people mostly steer it, by using personal care. Each human body has it is to possess the smell this May or May not to be for others bearable. They should be guessed, in order to do all hygenic meashures, in order to reduce the intensity of the smell. Improving the quality of life with all possible means can also help. Moral support of the friends and family members are necessary for such people.

Some individuals visit the doctor for bad breath without any material problem. There is found under Somatisationstrung. They weight normally about the pain, Atemlosigkeit, Abdominal incommodity, diagnosis of the bad smell more ect.proper are necessary to cross out all material causes. These patients should be handled with a psychological approach.
8) Homoeopathy:

In Homoeopathy medicine is preselected due to physical, spirit, emotional and social aspects of the ill person. Holding the complete aspects for a constitutional homoeopathic medicine is preselected and given in the usable Kraft and in the dose. All health-referred problems including bad breath are solved by this. On the basis other objections connected of coating on the tongue, kind of the smell, a cause for bad breath and can be given a medicine, in order to receive discharge from the bad breath to. In homoeopathic the medical repertoire by Dr. Robin Murphy gives it to 140 homoeopathic drugs, which are mentioned for bad breath. Due to indications and symptoms a usable medicine is given to the individual. Generally used drugs are arnica, crud antim, Pulsatilla, sulfur, psorinum, Nuxeiterauswurf, ARSalb, merc Solenoid, kreosot, hekla lava, silicea, asafoitida, graphites, potash bich, sour nitrogen etc.

Homoeopathic Muttertinkturen like Zimt Q, kreosot Q, Zingiber Q, Rhus glabra Q, Menthol Q, after the dilution and ect can for the Gargling, in the water be used.


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