Homoeopathy for bad breath

Offenssive smell of the mouth is a general objection in daily medical practice. It affects mainly those, which mix themselves with others much near. Bad breath is considered mainly by the friends and the family members or the feeling of the person of several times themselves it and come to the doctor. Many badbreathers develop lowest point, which forces them, in order to be away from the society to, which restrains its activities in sequence.

The protein in the food arrears by the anaerobic bacterium are decreased, which is present in the mouth. Offenssive smell is to the skatol because of the release of something gases such as Wasserstofsulfid produced, ect because of the bacterial activity. Arrangement of a thin sticky diaphragm on that tongue favoures bacterial growth. Bactrera are seen ect also into the crypts of the almonds, tooth-medical Karies, tooth-medical bags. Bad breath is ect connected to plaques, food habits, water inlet, tobacco washrooms, stomach and liver diseases with mouth hygiene, Karies, Gingivitis, Tonsillitis, tonsillar and.

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine as a whole imported by German festivenesses physician of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.Homoeopathy the ill individual rather as, ill parts or organs treating. The physical, spirit, emotional, social spheres of a person for a permanent healing one regards. This system believes that the diseases are caused because of the Derangement of the vital Kraft, which is an invisible energy in each individual. In a healthy condition vital Kraft the equilibrium of the sense body maintains and – soul. During this man has normal feelings and functions. If vital Kraft keeps affected, there are external expressions in the form of indications and symptoms. The inequality in the bodily functions forms a protection for forign organisms (bacterium, viruses, mushrooms, Protozoen ect) and lets it &produce diseases so called strongly increase. Homoeopathy believes that thet the material desease before the bacterium and the viruses comes, therefore the basic cause of the illness for one permenent healing to be treated must. The antibacterial means and the anti-virus means remove only the secondary causes, which are mentioned above.

Diseases are produced by the harmful morbific means, which are called Miasms, which are dynamic influences, which vital Kraft affect. There are mainly three miasms PSORA, SYPHILIS&SYCOSIS. These three causes are accepted, by other medical faculties however designated by different names. Psora causes malfunctions, structural changes of the Syphilisursache in the form of destruction and sycosis causes changes in the form of berwuchterung. These three miasms can function combined form separately or in, producing different disease conditions.

To bad breath with homoeopathic medicine to treat is simple if correct aid in the usable dose is given. In homoeopathic the medical repertoire by Dr. Robin Murphy gives it to 140 homoeopathic drugs, which are mentioned for bad breath. A drug for bad breath so straight cannot give good result possibly to give. Around to a correct corrective diagnosis to come we should have the Symptomatologie of the person. It is ect the total symptoms of a person, who closes spirit generals, physical generals, certain of symptoms. Bad breath is held a physical general symptom. Although he comes only from a part of the body, he affects the complete individual.

The symptoms, which are ect referred with appetite, thirst, intestines, are enclosed in the physical generals.
All indications and symptoms (mental&physical) of the person is let in detail. The knowledge of illneses past approximately, family history by diseases, food and intestine habits, relation to the climatic changes and constitution to be ect down in a systematic order noticed.

Spirit symptoms:

Example: Fear, fear, lowest point, anger, jealousy and ect.

Physical symptoms:

Example: Those like body condition, appetite, thirst, desires, aversion, intestines, Urination, sleep, taste, condition of the smell, unloadings all abnormal feelings pain, Burning, climatic changes, thermal relations and ect.

Strange rare symptoms:

This is the speciality homoeopathic of the system of medicine. For the allotters of a usable aid these symptoms are much symptoms important.com – Monday, which are nearly with all patients are seen a little important.

determined/local signs&symptoms:

The indications include this &symptoms, which are referred to parts of the body &organs.

Example: Coating on the tongue, condition of the Schleimmembrane of the oral cavity, almonds, rubber, teeth, ulcers, decolorizations are regarded ect here.

Body and general physical examination: –

Bad breath can be at different body and because of the disturbances. Therefore all systems (breathing system, digesting system, nervous system, heart container system and ect) and the parts from head should be examined to foot.

provisional disease diagnosis; Here probable diseases are determined. In homoeopathy the illness diagnosis is not that much, which is important for the allotters of an aid to know but used for central management and the prognosis.


This includes laboratory tests and other methods, in order to find all other main diseases out.

Concluding disease diagnosis:

According to acting all investigations, the illness is determined.

Corrective diagnosis:

This is importnant part, if homoeopathy one concerns. For this the preselected symptoms are arranged in a systematic order on the basis by value.
Symptoms are analyzed, in order to find the value out of each symptom for the allotters of an aid. Aids are preselected on the basis by similarity. [the basic principle of homoeopathy is similia similibus more curenter means such as healings how. A medicine, which can produce some symptoms in a healthy man, can be used as aids to trea the similar symptoms in an ill person. Everyone homoeopathic drug will be proven on healthy humans and the symptoms, those by this process (the searching drug) will be collected in meteria medica. written]

Usable aids are determined by a designated Prozerepertorisation. Here the books, which are called repertoires, are used. Repertoire is the index of symptoms of materia medica (books, which contain the symptoms of the drugs). Nowadays computer Softwares are used for repertorisalion. By this process we receive the aids, which cover maximum important symptom of the patient.

Under this group aids the verwendbarste aid is preselected, by one different books and history of the patient. refers. The preselected medicine is given in the usable Kraft and in the dose.


The basic cause of the illness is miasms, which should be exterminated using usable sticking on anti-drugs. Each drug can exterminate miasm, if there is symptom similarity.there psoric anti-drugs, syphilitische anti-drugs and sycotic gives anti-drugs. After the diagnosis, miasm the usable sticking on anti-drug must be given, in order to lock the healing.

[In homoeopathy the medicine from different sources such as minerals, plants, animals, poison materials, ill of parts are ect prepared. Medicine is prepared from these substances by a system process, which is called potentisation. Here potentised the soluble substances by the dilution with spirit and the insoluble substances, by rubbing with sugar of milk. The rough drug substance is mixed first with a computed quantity spirit and water and held for few days. Excerpt is taken and called by this mixture the Muttertinktur (designated, how Q).From dilutions of these Muttertinktur are prepared through potentisation. Potentisation is a mathematical process, by which the quantity of the original drug substance reduces, but medical energy increases. Dependant on the relationship of the quantity of the drug substance and – carrier (spirit or sugar of milk) there are different scales for this process. Each scale has different forces, which indicate energy of medicine. Example in the decimal scale 3x, 6x.12x ect.in, which is ect there centisimal scale 30c, 200c, in LM, which poteny is there, is 0/1.0/2.0/3 ect.potency written after the name each medicine]

The same medicine is present into different forces. Usable Kraft according to as many facters as sevearity, depth of the illness, condition of the patient, kind of the illness, kind of symptoms, age of the patient is ect preselected and.

Some useful homoeo drugs for bad breath.

Arnica Montana, Antim raw product, ARSalb, Asaftida, Aurum met, Baptisia, Bryonia, borax, Calc carburetor, carbon veg, Chinarindenbaum, Chelidonium, graphites, potash bich, Kreosotum, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Merc Solenoid, Natrum MUR, Nitricum acidum, Nuxeiterauswurf, Plantago, Pulsatilla, Phos, Pyrogen, sulfur etc.

1) Arnica Montana:

This medicine is useful for badly smelling breath. Mouth is with thirst for water much drying. Bad breath connected with fever. Bleeds from the rubber, can be after tooth extraction or after injury. Offenssive gas run upward and downward of the stomach. Petient is for the note with wound and squeezed very sensitively, more allover the body believing.

2) Antim raw product:

Useful for bad breath with gastrischen objections and the covered tongue. This medicine act mainly on dirty persons with aversions for bathing. Tongue is covered white such as fur. Nostrils and lips are broken. Eructations are faulig. Very useful for badbreath in the children

3) ARSalb:

All unloadings have cadeveric smell. Saliva is bloody with bad smell. Thirst for warm water is well marked. This medicine act well in the weakened and abgezehrten persons. Bad breath connected with gastrischen disturbances. Vomit from the slightest food or from the beverage and intolerance of the vegetable and the aqueous fruits. Religiously these patients with an uncertainty feeling are fastidious. They have fear of death or serious illness with restlessness and fear.

4) Asaftida:

Useful for the bad breath connected with Eructations. Large Distension of abdomens with feeling of a ball, which rises in throat. All unloadings are offenssive. Rckperistalsis with loud Eructations. This medicine act well on hysterischen persons.

5) Aurum met:

Useful for bad breath in the girls at puberty. There is ulcer formation in the rubbers with fauligem or bitter taste. Destruction in the body fabrics such as bones is considered with this patients. This medicine act well on persons, who are tired from the life with suicide thoughts. They have also a feeling that they did a unverzeihbares crime.

6) Baptisia:

Breath badly smelling with bitter taste. Wund and festers to rubbers. Layer of the yellowish Brauns on center of the tongue with glittering edges. Surface of the tongue is broken. These patients feel difficult to swallow solid food. Almonds are increased without the pain. Useful for painless Tonsillitis and Pharyngitis with fauligem smell. All unloadings are offenssive. This medicine act on the persons, the view praying place become good. There is a tendency for Stupor and Delirium in these persons.

7) Borax:

Useful for bad breath connected with apthous ulcer in the mouth. Also effectively for mushroom-like infection of the mouth. Mouth is very hot and tender. Ulcers bleed on note. Very useful for bad breath in the children with ulcers in the mouth. Child has fear forwards doward movement.
8) Bryonia:

Attraction-cash persons, who always speak about business. Lips roasted dry and broken. Covered dark brown with bitter taste in the mouth up-leaking. Thirst for large quantity cold water is well marked. Weight in the abdomen after the meal. Normally constipated with hard dry bolsters.

9) Calcarea fluorine:

Plugs of the Schleims continual form in the crypts of the almonds. Unnatural Lockerheit of the teeth with or without the pain. Vornbergeneigt Karies with decolorization receive. Almonds are increased with declining infection.

10) Carbon veg:

These patients are weak and weakened. All body discharges are extensive with cadeveric smell. Rubbers withdrew easily and blood. Frequent faulige Eructations with expansion of abdomens. Objections ameliorted by the adoption of Flatus. Meat and fat cannot permit. Involuntary diarrhea at night. Would like to be loosened up by a close distance.

11) Chelidonium:

Tongue-yellow with casting of the teeth. Bad smell with bitter taste in the mouth. Useful for bad breath with liver objections. Thirst for hot liquids. Patient feels better, by isst. Blockage with hard round bolsters. Blockage, which alternates with diarrhea.

12) Graphites:

This medicine act well on beleibten patients with skin endeavors. Breath smell like urine. Putrid smell with saliva isolation and blisters in the mouth. Sour Eructations with gastrischen objections. Skin objections with sticky unloadings. Gastri pain improves by the meal.

13) potash bich:

Bad breath with ulcer. There is round of ulcers in the mouth. Saliva viscous. Vomit with bitter taste. Tongue is smooth. Longs itself bears. Gastri objections, which alternate with Rheumatismus.

14) kreosotum:

Teeth darkly and break into-lie. Bitter taste in the mouth with fauligem smell. Very fast decay of the teeth. All unloadings are very offenssive. Rubber spongelike and blood easily. Bad breath connected with Karies and gastrischen objections.

15) Lachesis:

This medicine act on dark restless patients with jelousy. The tongue is colored black. Objections are aggravated during the Schlafes. Loosening up one wishes be enough-strains. Cannot permit firmly cloathing around bodies. Objections aggravated in the hot climate.

16) Lycopodium:

Act well on intelligent people, which are physically weak. They have lack of self-assurance. Useful for badbreath connected with sour Eructations with burning in the throat. To touch oneself teeth excessively painfully. There are blisters on the tongue. Warm food wishes and drinks. These people normally are constipated. Chords for the drops well marks.

17) Merc Solenoid:

Sweetish metallic taste in the mouth with bloody viscous saliva. Rubber is spongelike and easy blood. Mouth is damp with increased thirst. Teeth imprinted. Crown of the tooth decline. Badly smelling smell of the mouth can be believed completely over the area. Ulcer formations in the mouth with bleeding. All body discharges are offenssive. All objections are aggravated at night.

18) Nuxeiterauswurf:

This medicine act well on people, which lead sedentery a life. They are very short balanced and are very easily annoyed. They are busy in their occupation very much and enjoy modern civilized life with all kinds food and beverage. Bad breath is more in the morning after meals and. Rear part of the tongue is covered and preceding part is clean. Sour taste in the mouth with nausea in the morning. They have frequent urge for bolsters. Heavy feeling in the abdomen after food is considered.

19) Plantago:

Tooth-medical Karies with strict toothache. Pain better by the meal. Saliva isolation is better, by isst. Toothache with thresholds of the rubbers. Gargling Plantago Q is useful to receive discharge from the toothache because of the Karies.

20) Pulsatilla:

Act well on the mild and light ladies with a lucrative organization. Patient is very shy with a crying tendency. Bad breath is considered mainly in the morning. Mouth is very drying, but dosn’t would like water to drink. Yellow or white tongue covers with a persistent Schleim. Taste is changed. Taste of the food remains in the mouth for a long time. Patient laundry the mouth frequently.

21) Psorinum:

Act well on impure patients with bad smell. Above offering for sale of ksigem, pea is such as balls of the disgusting smell and taste the main cause for bad breath with this patients. Almonds are swollen with extensive offenssive saliva. Quinsy with strong Schleim in the throat. All body isolations are dirty. Eructations taste like bad eggs. Very hungry and get subroutines even around midnight for food. Swallowing is painful with the pain in the ears.

22) Pyrogen:

Bad breath September tables origin with this medicine is cured. With terrible breath, tongue-red, which tastes dry, smooth painted asif badly smelling terribly. Bad breath connected with the vomiting of the high fever and coffeground. With general patients body for note is very sensitive, can not to bed because of bruinsed the pain stand still. All unloadings are offenssive.

23) Sulfur:

This medicine act best on the dirty and dirty people with offenssive smell and one tendecy for skin diseases. Lips dry bright red with burning feeling. Tongue white with red point and edges. Bitter taste in the morning. Eructations are faulig. Burn in all parts of the body. Aversion for bathing is well marked. Disturbed over hygiene, silence do not believe it that they have superhuman energies. These individuals are very egoistic.

Something homoeo Muttertinkturen (Q) useful for bad breath.

[Muttertinktur should not be taken directly, because she can produce burning feeling, therefore 10 drops should be mixed the half glass of water and to be internally taken or for the Gargling to be used]

1) Zimt Q: After the dilution with water this Muttertinktur can be used for the Gragling. Also useful for the bleeding of the rubbers.

2) Eukalyptus Q: This Tinktur can be used as mouth water, after one mixed with water. Internal use of this medicine can remove Schleim from the breath ways. Also useful for cold weather and Coryza.

3) Zingiber Q: Useful for bad breath connected with gastrischen objections. This medicine can improve digesting. Also uses for the Gargling.

4) Rhus glabra Q: Gargling of this Tinktur is very useful for ulcers causing injuries in the mouth like aphthous ulcer. Internal use of this Tinktur can reduce the bad smell of the bolster and the Flatus.

5) Oleum caryophyllum Q: Gargling of this Tinktur can reduce toothache. Because of it is fregrant quality, which is very useful to reduce bad breath.

6) Balsamum Peru Q: This medicine can remove the Schleim from the breath ways therefore very useful in the abscess of chronic bronchitis and the lung. Knows the ulcers in the mouth, by the Gargling this Tinktur, it, heal can pleasant smell from the mouth also produce.

7) Menthol Q: This is a main line, which is ingradient in the stabilization means and in the syrups. Gargling of this Tinktur reduces bad breath.

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