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Injuries and back pain

Injuries can do those pain, including injuries to the upper members, to the shoulders, to the beginning, to the thorn, to the etc. – injuries back to cause know also arise to cause back the pain, if the Rotatorstulpen is disturbed. The Rotatorstulpen contains shoulder blade tip, chords, as the Rotatorstulpen, which stands still at the upper bones at the arm, attaches and to the Rotatorstulpemuskeln. Muscles are at the top side of the bones of the upper arm and under the shoulder connections. Rotatorstulpen are blocks smaller muscles, the chords, the etc. and the attachment to the different parts of the body. If the chords are torn up and/or broken, it can cause the pain back. The injuries normally arise, if sudden effects or forces the region aim. The effort muscles can also cause injury. If the chords are damaged, them cause for inflammation and threshold, which causes obviously the pain.

Such problems are treated with remainder, ice sets, Kompression and elevator. Shoulder injuries are seen, if the arm from verge is thrown. The injuries arise from the cases, from overexerting muscles, from etc. The doctor regards such injuries carefully, since breaks can develop, which begin within the Humerus. In some cases surgery is prescribed to repair the problem.

Additional injuries cover those sheet pain, shoulder frost, Tendonitis, subacromial Bursa, acromio clavicular, and so on. The Bursa is a bag, which is filled with liquids, which serve as filling up to reduce for from friction to. The purpose the Bursa is to form movement simply and turn friction away of the connections. The Bursa can cause problems, if the shoulders are suddenly thrown over the head. , Steroid governments, physical therapy, meds, cover treatment for subacromial Bursa conditions etc., particularly if uses inflammations. The condition can cause those for pain back, since Bursa is a Assistent to the connections, to the cartilages, to the bones and to synovium. Bursa works, by playing down the risks of the common damage. If Bursa inflames, it squeezes the nerves or the chords together. Happens after which, is loss, particularly as soon as the connections rub. The soft bags under the bones, which know other bones the serious back pain cause to overlap and protect, since inflammation adjusted inside from the Bursa disturbances. The tension, which is caused by the inflammation, strikes muscles, overexerting this muscles, which are slowed down the sensory nerves and movement are limited.

Situation is the attitude, which we of the camp muscles and – connections receive. If a person of slouches can cause, frequently her the pain, since the muscles back and connections do not move, as they should. Physical therapy and meds are frequently used, in order to repair the problem. Sitting in long distances can cause problems also back, particularly if the unterere back is not supported. Actually wrongly can sit the thorn at the lower back and the cause serious pain to bend. The back pain in this nature can arrive rotating repetitive by the sport activities, like heavy raising in addition, and so on. Slouches can repair back problems, by learning, as one sits and stands in the correct positions. The back, if it is damaged of slouching, affects the Lumbar. Additionally must more slouchier correct techniques of the raising learn.

Proof disks etc. know the back pain arrive the disk, the Sciatica, are break-suffering core pulposa (HNP) a disturbance of slid sacro iliac. Proof disks is breaking intervertebralen disk. The intervertebrale disk sits under the spinal columns and near the backbone.

Slid disks begin at the spinalen channel, nerves, gelatinous core and finally at the disks. If the nerve roots are pressed, the disk can slide and cause break-suffering core pulposa. Sciatica is a kind of the slid disk, since those send pain sharp, electrically frighten like the pain down the channel of the thorn and sends a tormenting pain, which begins at the back. The pain carry on the legs. The pain are sometimes temporary, nevertheless different times, which he can lead to chronic pain syndrome. Surgical procedures are frequently requested, in order to repair the problem.

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