When combing the hair to be taken precautions

Hair combs is a routine activity of nearly all people. Some people hold a certain kind of hair during their life and any for particularly recent production of accepting new kinds according to new tendencies and way. Close relationship with the Pers5onlichkeit a person has kinds of hair. The hair of one unhygeinic person is normally confused and because of the lack of washing and combing dirty. To a correct food of the healthy scalp hair is necessary to have. General health has direct relation with the quality and the quantity of the hair. Regular cleaning, use of the hair oil, correct combing thing to be ect also needs, in order to manufacture the hair beautifully. General tips for combing one discusses here.

1) Different multiplicity of the combs is present in the market. The best comb is preselected, by regarding the kind of the hair (hard or softly, long or briefly), the kind and the comfort.

2) Combing should be taken place with outermost care and concentration. Gentlemen of some people particularly think of any other affairs and comb without any care, which can be harmful to the hair.

3) Combing should be easy. Strong combing can increase the Hairfalling.

4) Do not comb, if the hair is wet. It with a cloth first dry and something oil then set and it easily mass. Now combing is simple and harmless.

5) Should not be combed in the opposite direction of the hair. This can increase that hair traps.

6) Strong combs in the backwards direction traction power baldness can produce.

7) Frequent combing can damage the scalp and the hair follicles. Those, which carry use pocket of the comb it frequently and it form a habit. Two or three times on one day to comb is sufficient.
8) The tooth of the comb should not be sharp and it should not on the scalp be operated too firmly.

9) The comb before and after use always clean, because the hair and dirt, which is laid down in the distance, combing diffucult and painfully forms.

10) Others to comb should not be used. This helps to prevent mushroom-like and bacterial infection. Main lice can spread from a person also too different, by dividing the combs.

11) The confused hair to comb is difficult and painful. Something shampoo for cleaning and after, drying therefore use set, oil and freely manufacture the hair for simple combing.


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